Fire Weather

Weather conditions are key factors for determining fire danger. Weather also strongly influences fire behavior.

The Forestry Division maintains a year-round fire weather forecast office consisting of:

  • Four fire weather meteorologists
  • Two seasonal technicians

The weather office monitors changes in weather conditions that influence the fire environment. The weather section is responsible for:

  • Producing two fire weather forecasts and briefings per day during the fire season (March to October)
  • Providing weather expertise for fire management activities (including wildfire suppression, prescribed burns, forest health programs, pre-suppression planning and resource deployment)
  • Supplying weather forecasts and updates to other provincial agencies, such as the Alberta Environment River Flow Forecast Team
  • Managing and archiving fire weather and lightning data from our remote sensing network
  • Providing support to fire control training courses, especially fire weather and fire behavior instruction

For questions about fire weather information, contact the Weather Section at:

Updated: Aug 2, 2019