Spring 2019 Wildfire Review

The 2019 wildfire season was one of the worst on record in terms of hectares burned (over 880,000 hectares or over two million acres); second only to 1981. The Spring 2019 Wildfire Review was commissioned by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry to assess:

  • the extraordinary 2019 spring wildfire in Alberta, specifically:
    • Chuckegg Creek wildfire (High Level Forest Area)
    • Battle complex (Peace River Forest Area)
    • McMillan complex (Slave Lake Forest Area)
  • the department’s wildfire preparation and response to those wildfires
  • impact on and perspectives of residents, partners and stakeholders
  • components of Agriculture and Forestry’s wildfire management program

The objective of external reviews, such as the Spring 2019 Wildfire Review, is to provide for continuous learning in order to better address operational and policy issues, and to implement incremental program refinements and enhancements in a timely manner.

Alberta is already taking action on the recommendations in preparation for the 2021 wildfire season. Some initiatives are expected to be completed by next spring, while others are multi-year projects.

The first reporting on implementation of these recommendations will take place in December 2020.

Updated: Nov 4, 2020