Warehouse Support Staff

Warehouse support staff driving a forklift

Job Classification: Operational Services 2 (OS2)

Salary Range: $21.77 - $26.59 per hour

Length of employment: As needed by the department, but generally April to September

Deadline for application: January 31 – please contact your local Forest Area office

Do you want to be a key part in organization and coordinate and supply fireline equipment to wildland fires? Do you have what it takes physically and mentally to withstand working long hours supporting wildland fire operations?

If so, a Warehouse Support position may be an ideal seasonal position for you.

A Warehouse Support person is required to perform a variety of duties. The first priority is to support to the Area in receiving, storing, and issuing equipment and supplies to Area staff. In addition, you will be responsible for coordinating the delivery of the supplies, maintaining an inventory tracking system, re-stocking and building equipment 'kits', and possibly assisting with equipment management on a wildland fire incident.

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Minimum Recruitment Standards

  • High School Diploma.
  • 18 years of age.

Education & Experience Preferred/Required

  • Valid First Aid Certificate with CPR **
  • Valid Class 5 Drivers License **
  • Current Driver’s Abstract
    • A Driver’s Abstract, showing a record of seven (7) demerits or less, must be obtained. Your driver’s abstract must be obtained within 30 days prior to your commencement date (noted above) and must be presented to management prior to your commencement for your above stated position.
  • Valid Defensive Driving Certificate **
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods; Ground and Air
  • Experience in Microsoft Office, specifically: Word, Outlook and Excel. Other database experience would be considered an asset.
  • Highly organized individual with excellent keyboard, computer and communication skills.
  • Knowledge of equipment and supplies used in Wildland Fire Suppression activites.
  • Physically able to perform the manual duties found in the position assignment.

** Requirement

Completion of a fitness test may be a requirement of this position.

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

  • Responsible for receiving, storing, and issuing of materials and supplies to Agriculture and Forestry staff.
  • Transportation arrangements of equipment and supplies to a particular location.
  • Equipment repair, cleaning, and restocking of supplies to ensure that response to another incident is timely.
  • Building the equipment “kits' and ensuring they are rebuilt and certified to the fire line standards.
  • Entry of equipment requests in to the Inventory Management Information System (IMIS).
  • Assist the Detection Program (Lookout Observers) by assisting in purchasing and delivery of equipment, groceries, and supplies.
  • May also play a role on a large fire incident where a supply section is setup to issue and track fire equipment.
  • Operation of forklift to load and unload delivery trucks.

Updated: May 16, 2013

How many hours are in a typical work week?

The typical work week is 36.25 hours (7.25 hours/day) or 40.0 hours (8 hours/day). You will be required to work overtime as required when the Area has ongoing fires.

What kind of schedule would I be on?

Schedules between Areas will vary however you can expect to work either a 5/2 or 10/4 schedule.

Are there living accommodations available?

In most Areas living accommodations are provided at no cost. Please contact the Area directly for type and availability.

What type of training is available?

Both on-the-job and specific software training is available. If you are required to complete any tasks requiring specific training it will be provided. I.e. Transportation of Dangerous Goods.

Updated: May 16, 2013

Interested applicants can apply through the GOA jobs board. For job specific questions please use the contact information below.

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

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Updated: Nov 22, 2021