Information Coordinator

Information coorindator

Job Classification: Program Services 1

Salary Range: $29.06 - $37.78 per hour

Length of employment: As needed by the department, but generally May through to August

Deadline for application: January 31

The information coordinator is employed within the forest area and assists in delivering information, education and awareness to staff, local municipal governments, industrial and other stakeholder groups, communities and the general public within Alberta.

This work requires strong communications skills, an overall knowledge of Alberta Wildfire operations, wildfire prevention and FireSmart, as well as knowledge of media operations, public relations, outreach and risk/crisis communications.

The information coordinator informs communities, stakeholders and the public of wildfire hazard, current wildfire status and wildfire prevention tools and tactics, and assists in raising awareness of prevention programs across the province.

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  • Two-year diploma in a related field
  • Good understanding and application of public relations skills, risk communications and educational marketing, and the ability to liaise with community organizations, industry, media, government agencies and other stakeholders
  • Knowledge of forest ecology, wildfire prevention, detection, suppression, policy and urban interface issues
  • Knowledge of government agency responsibilities, especially during an emergency situation
  • Strong interpersonal and relationship management skills, including demonstrated abilities to collaborate and negotiate with varied and diverse clients and stakeholders
  • Professional judgement and decision-making skills, including the ability to determine priorities and to represent the division on working groups involving multiple stakeholders and sensitive strategic and political information
  • Knowledge of key messaging, including the ability to take highly technical or complex issues and make them clear and concise to be accessible to a wide variety of stakeholders
  • Commitment to teamwork and continuous improvement
  • Equivalencies will be considered
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Valid First Aid Certificate with CPR
  • Valid Class 5 Drivers License
  • Valid Defensive Driving Certificate
  • Current Driver’s Abstract
    • A Driver’s Abstract, showing a record of seven (7) demerits or less, must be obtained. Your driver’s abstract must be obtained within 30 days prior to your commencement date and must be presented to management prior to your commencement for the above stated position.

Updated: November 8, 2022

  • Assist in delivering wildfire prevention and operations education and communication strategies for Alberta
  • Assist in developing wildfire prevention and operations communication products: signs, newsletters, articles, fact sheets, brochures, audio-visual presentations and exhibits for internal and external stakeholders
  • Assist in coordination and delivery of wildfire information, awareness and prevention initiatives and events for internal and external stakeholders and communities in Alberta
  • Promote an awareness and understanding of wildfire prevention, detection, pre-suppression and suppression activities through existing internal and external communication methods, education programs and initiatives, and encourage and enhance community/public involvement
  • Distribute a regular wildfire update to subscribers throughout the area during wildfire season
  • Provide emergency and crisis communications support on incidents and within communities in crisis
  • Ensure public and first responders are getting clear and concise communications that may affect their immediate safety and well-being
  • Act as a member of a provincial wildfire information team as required

Updated: November 8, 2022

How many hours are in a typical work week?

The typical work week is 36.25 hours (7.25 hours/day). You may be required to work overtime as dictated by the wildfire danger level.

Do I require a vehicle?

A vehicle is not required. However, it is your responsibility to obtain transportation to and from work. While working, a vehicle will be available to perform work related duties. Successful completion of defensive driving is required to operate a work vehicle.

Updated: November 8, 2022

Interested applicants can apply through the GOA jobs board. For job specific questions please use the contact information below.

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

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