Camp Supervisor

Camp supervisor at work

Job Classification: Maintenance Service Worker 1

Salary Range: $21.41 - $26.23 per hour

Length of employment: As needed by the department, but generally April to September

Deadline for application: January 31 – please contact your local Forest Area office

The Camp Supervisor is employed in the Area and is responsible for the operations and maintenance at one or multiple Primary or Secondary Fire Bases within the Area.

This position will coordinate catering and janitorial contracts for the camp, ensure the camp is kept clean and orderly, and complete on site maintenance as required.

This position requires excellent communication and organizational skills, ability to multi-task, commitment to work long hours when required, and work well in team environments as well as independently.

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Minimum Recruitment Standards

  • High school diploma.
  • 18 years of age.

Education & Experience Preferred/Required

  • Valid First Aid Certificate with CPR **
  • Valid Class 5 Drivers License **
  • Valid Defensive Driving Certificate **
  • Current Driver’s Abstract
    • A Driver’s Abstract, showing a record of seven (7) demerits or less, must be obtained. Your driver’s abstract must show: your driving record for the past five years, and all violations (moving and non-moving), citations, suspensions, and any driving restrictions placed upon you. Your driver’s abstract is required to be obtained within 30 days prior to your commencement date (noted above) and must be presented to management prior to your commencement for your above stated position.
  • Physically able to perform the manual duties found in the position assignment.
  • Previous experience in Forest Protection or Camp Management is an asset.
  • ** Requirement

Completion of a fitness test may be a requirement of this position.

Updated: May 16, 2013

  • Brief and assign rooms to personnel as they arrive in camp.
  • Order and receive equipment & Supplies required for camp operations.
  • Ensure camp is kept in a clean, orderly, and sanitary condition.
  • Complete onsite maintenance as required.
  • Oversee catering & janitorial contracts for the camp.
  • Maintain counts and order aviation fuel as required.
  • Interact with local fire centre in particular the local logistics room.
  • Complete required paperwork daily for camp operations.
  • Perform all work in a safe manner, reporting all accidents, incidents, and near misses.
  • Be familiar with applicable policies and standard operating procedures.
  • Be available for possible export to other areas.

Updated: May 16, 2013

How many hours are in a typical work week?

The typical work week is a 40.00 hour week (8.00 hours/day). You will be required to work overtime as required based on the fire danger.

What kind of schedule would I be on?

Schedules between Areas will vary however you can expect to work either a 5/2 or 10/4 shift.

Am I able to live at the camp?

Accommodations are provided at the facility at no cost.

Updated: Dec 15, 2017

Interested applicants can apply through the GOA jobs board. For job specific questions please use the contact information below.

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

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