Prescribed Fire

Prescribed fires are the knowledgeable and controlled applications of fires on a specific land area to accomplish planned and well-defined resource management objectives. These fires are applied under select weather conditions and managed in such a way as to minimize the emission of smoke and maximize the benefits to the site.

The provincial prescribed fire program is a proactive approach to wildfire and forest management. By removing fine fuels in open areas, prescribed fires help reduce the size and intensity of future wildfires that potentially threaten:

  • Communities or Human Life
  • Infrastructure
  • Natural Resources
  • Watersheds and Soils
  • Wildlife

Agriculture and Forestry works with community partners and stakeholders to identify key areas for prescribed fire operations and work to achieve the shared objectives in a safe, efficient and mutually beneficial manner.

Prescribed fires are carefully selected by wildfire management staff. Fire has shaped Alberta’s forests for generations both through natural wildfire and traditional burning practices.

Current Projects

Landslide Lake Interpretive Fire Trail

The Landslide Lake Interpretive Fire Trail provides a first hand glimpse of forest regeneration. The trail was redeveloped within the boundary of the recent Upper North Saskatchewan Prescribed Fire.

Updated: Apr 27, 2017