Lookout Towers

Lookout Towers are an integral component of wildfire detection in Alberta. Fire lookouts are located where visibility is favourable to detect and report wildfires, consisting of either cabins (located at the peak of a mountain), or steel towers located on the highest ground throughout the forested lands.

With 127 lookouts located throughout the province, it’s important to ensure the lookout observers are dedicating their time to spotting and detecting smoke and fire in their designated area.

Lookout observers are responsible to report wildfire activity within 5 minutes of the 40 kilometer radius around their tower or cabin. To effectively survey their respected area, observers must be focused on the tasks at hand. Therefore, please do not disturb the observers while they are working.

For questions related to the area you are visiting, please contact your local Forest Area Office or reference the available kiosks located near the observer base. Kiosks located near the observer base.

Did you know? Each lookout covers an area of approximately 5,000 square kilometres

Updated: Mar 13, 2018