Radio Communications

The Provincial Telecommunications Section serves a very important role in the Wildfire Operations Branch of Forestry and Emergency Response Division.

Telecomm staff use a number of modern wireless technologies, including:

  • Cellular and satellite
  • Portable repeater kits
  • Various models of VHF & UHF radios
  • Voice and data networks

Fireline and support personnel on all wildfire incidents rely on these technologies when designing custom solutions to ensure reliable communications.

Telecomm Section also provides other services, including:

  • Refurbishing the departments' telecommunications equipment and kits for field use
  • Repairing and maintaining radios for several other government departments
  • Technical expertise needed for new projects and expenditures

A total of 18 staff across the province, provide training and support for users of the Fireline Radio Network and the FIRENET Network.

Updated: Jan 14, 2014