Impact of Wildfire

Positive Impacts from Wildfire

Wildfire can have a positive impact on forest health and wildlife habitat.

The Ecological Role of Fire

Heinselmans List (1973)

  1. Fire as an influence of the physical chemical environment
  2. Fire as a regulator of dry-matter accumulation
  3. Fire as a controller of plant species and communities
  4. Fire as a determinant of wildlife habitat patterns and population
  5. Fire as a controller of forest insects, parasites, fungi etc.
  6. Fire as a controller of major ecosystem processes and characteristics

Negative Impacts from Wildfire

Wildfire can destroy entire communities and burn timber supply.

Other negative impacts:

  • Large financial costs relating to suppression and evacuation
  • Loss of forest and natural resources
  • Infrastructure/community loss or damage
  • Business disruption
  • Cost of environmental rehabilitation
  • Social, ecological and economic impacts

Updated: Mar 10, 2009