FireSmart for Industry

Notice: An updated Wildfire Hazard Identification Tool (WHIT) User Manual is now available. For details, see related section below.

Industrial Wildfire Control Plan (IWCP)

All companies submitting an Industrial Wildfire Control Plan are required to do so through the Alberta Wildfire System (AWS):

Supporting Documents

The Alberta Wildfire System and Industrial Wildfire Control Plan Application can be accessed at:

Powerline Hazard Assessment Plan (PHAP)

The Powerline Hazard Assessment Plan is applicable to all powerlines within the province of Alberta and is a requirement in the Environmental Field Report (EFR) for powerlines that fall within the Forest Protection Area (FPA). This also applies to Vegetation Control Easements (VCE), but not to underground lines.

Effective May 2010, the PHAP process changed. Please read the plan to ensure your EFR submission is completed correctly.

Wildfire Hazard Identification Tool (WHIT)

The Wildfire Hazard Identification Tool (WHIT) is intended to help employers in Alberta determine if a wildland fire hazard exists near a current or planned worksite that could compromise the health and safety of employees working there if a wildland fire were to affect the area.

Learn more about WHIT and access the WHIT User Manual at:

Access to Real Time Wildfire Data

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry offers a number of ways of obtaining critical wildfire information to support your emergency management decisions.

The attached documents describe the various ways you can access this data.


FireSmart Guidebook for Oil and Gas Industry - Jun 16, 2011 (2 pages, <1 MB) 

The FireSmart Guidebook is intended as a guide for industry for addressing the threat of wildfire to oil and gas industry values and the potential liability of the industry.

Wildfire Prevention – CAPP Best Management Practices 

Wildfire Prevention Best Management Practices are to assist the oil and gas industry in the prevention of industry caused wildfires; and to help mitigate the impact of catastrophic fires on industry infrastructure, operations, liability, personnel safety and the environment.

The FireSmart Field Guide for the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry 

The FireSmart Field Guide for the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry is a site specific wildfire risk assessment tool for field operators to help prevent wildfire and reduce the impact of wildfire on industry infrastructure, operations, personnel safety, liability and the environment.

Emergency Preparedness Guide for Hazards Associated with Wildfires 

The Emergency Preparedness Guide is designed to provide a broad introduction to the hazard posed by wildfires and smoke and to give field personnel basic information to prepare for, recognize, assess and respond a threat from wildfire or smoke.

Updated: Jan 30, 2018