FireSmart for Communities

Wildfire has helped shape Alberta’s landscape for generations. As the province’s population grows and communities become more intertwined with Alberta’s forests, the risk of wildfire grows significantly. Most communities face some wildfire risk; many face a high to extreme risk. Proactive measures taken by community members and leaders can reduce the risk.

You are not helpless against the threat of wildfire. You can:

  • Be aware
  • Be prepared
  • Reduce your risk

Are you a community member? Concerned about wildfires where you live? Find out recommended tips to reduce the risk to your home, yard and community.

Are you a community leader? Leadership is an important link and your understanding of the issues can effectively guide your community to be prepared and stay safe. Find out some actions to help reduce the risk to your community.

We have developed a number of resources to aid you in taking FireSmart actions. See:

Updated: Jun 6, 2022