FireSmart Guidebook for Community Protection

Working together to create a FireSmart Alberta

As more and more Albertans move into communities located in and around forested areas, many of these communities face a high to extreme wildfire risk.

The 2011 Slave Lake wildfires demonstrated the vulnerability of communities to wildfire, resulting in potential devastating economic and personal loss. The Flat Top Complex Wildfire Review identified the need to enhance FireSmart and hazardous fuels management in and around Alberta’s forested communities, to protect Albertans, their homes and critical community infrastructure.

The FireSmart Guidebook for Community Protection provides municipalities, municipal districts and counties, First Nations and Métis Settlements and other communities with strategies and planning measures to help reduce wildfire risk.

The guidebook also outlines wildfire mitigation and preparedness measures that communities can take to reduce risk and minimize the unwanted effects of wildfire. Community wildfire protection is a shared responsibility, and a collaborative approach is necessary to strengthen Alberta’s resiliency to the threat of wildfire.

Updated: Aug 8, 2014