Firefighting Technology

Fighting fire is like fighting a war.

The application of science and technology provides greater intelligence to help win the war against wildfires.

Firefighting Technology Applications

Alberta is a leader in promoting and applying new fire management technology. This includes the development and improvement of firefighting tools, computer models, and systems to provide better decision support for delivering cost effective and efficient forest protection.

Fighting fire still requires resources on the ground (e.g., firefighters with hand tools). However, the battle is increasingly being fought using advanced science and technology. Computer models and systems don't put fires out, but they can process and assess large amounts of data to provide important intelligence. Computer fire applications can help answer important questions, including:

  • What is the optimal resource mix (amount, type and location) to preposition suppression capability in anticipation of predicted fire behaviour for the next 24 hours?

These applications require current and reliable spatial data for the Forestry Area and adjacent cooperative zones.

Fuel, weather, topography and base geographical data are all used in spatial decision support fire management systems.


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Updated: Mar 30, 2015