Wildfire Prevention & Enforcement


Wildfire prevention is a responsibility we all share and it is important to understand safe fire practices so that everyone can enjoy Alberta's forests.

Wildfire is not an individual agency's concern – it is a community concern that requires that all individuals become involved in solutions.

Everyone's involvement ensures that wildfire does not needlessly threaten our environment. To accomplish this, individuals need to be aware of the dangers of wildfire to themselves and their community.

To reduce the number of human-caused wildfires, Alberta's Forestry Division has an extensive wildfire prevention program that targets:

  • Communities
  • Industry
  • Other Stakeholders
  • Property Owners
  • The General Public

The wildfire prevention program is based on the principals of the two-E’s, and these two principles play a vital role in wildfire prevention:

These two principles have an important role in reaching out to everyone to ensure that they understand the message being conveyed. Each category has several guiding principles with the general message that all prevention programs need to capture the public's interest.


Wildfire plays an important role in creating healthy and vibrant forests, however, when wildfires burn out of control, they can pose a threat to important values.

Wildfire prevention engineering is achieved in Alberta through the FireSmart program.

FireSmart is the proactive way to balance the many natural benefits of wildfire with the need to protect Alberta's homes, communities and important natural resources. FireSmart achieves this balance through:

To reduce the impact of wildfire, FireSmart promotes partnerships among industry, homeowners and all levels of government. Most notably, the FireSmart program has flourished through its partnerships with Partners in Protection and Alberta Emergency Management Agency.

Partners in Protection

The department has been instrumental in the creation and evolution of this globally recognized association dedicated to raising awareness, providing information and delivering forums to address common problems.

Partners in Protection's activities encourage community-based initiatives to reduce the risk of fire losses and enhance safety in the wildland urban interface. For more information, visit:

Alberta Emergency Management Agency

The Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA) leads the coordination, collaboration and cooperation of all organizations involved in the prevention of, preparedness for and response to disasters and emergencies. For more information, visit:

The use of social marketing as a way to promote these efforts will help Albertans to protect their communities from the threat of wildfire.

Compliance and Investigations

Fire prevention includes the enforcement of legislation and law.

Forestry Division has the authority to seek an order for a fire ban or forest closure and developed the Enforcement Program to provide the Forest Protection Branch with the resources required to enforce the provisions of the Forest and Prairie Protection Act and related legislation.

The Enforcement Program supports the efforts of staff in the field by providing training and guidance in investigation methodology and procedures. The program uses the expertise of highly trained investigators to conduct wildfire investigations. Dedicated lawyers representing Forestry Division support the program by providing legal services in both civil litigation and regulatory prosecutions.

The program is also responsible for investigating suspected arson activity in the Forest Protection Area and for investigating other related offences contrary to the provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada.


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