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In many cases, being a Junior Forest Rangers will be the first summer job for your teen. Please know that Agriculture and Forestry takes this responsibility seriously and works to create a safe learning environment throughout the summer for all program participants.

There is a lot of information to absorb and we encourage you to browse our website to learn more. This page will outline some of the basics.

Applications, screening and paperwork

Please encourage your son or daughter to complete the paperwork without your help. You can help them by making sure the package is complete with all signatures, references and statement of interest. Let them know that if they miss the April 1 deadline, we will not accept the application.

As we work to interview each candidate, it generally takes us a few weeks to process the crew member applications. Candidates are then ranked based on two scores of the screening process: application and interview screening.

Successful candidates are informed by early May. Each candidate will then need to complete a significant amount of paperwork before we hire them.

Please note that a Social Insurance Number and bank account are required for us to hire your son or daughter.

Safety smart, from the start

Agriculture and Forestry, and by extension JFR, adhere to the Certificate of Recognition safety program. This health and safety management system shows that our program meets established standards relating to health and safety.

Here are examples of our safety mindset:

  • Crew members are given training on safe work conditions, work habits and use of tools and equipment during training sessions
  • Crew leaders also receive intensive 10-day, program-specific training and are required to pass security and background checks
  • Each work project begins with a safety meeting to address specific hazards at each worksite
  • All accidents and incidents are addressed and investigated immediately
  • Junior Forest Rangers are not permitted to drive government vehicles or bring personal vehicles to camp


Permission from the area manager or program specialist is required before inviting guests to camp. Family visits are encouraged at pick-up and drop-off during the August long weekend.


Program staff recognize that there is a significant commitment related to transportation at the beginning and end of the summer. We rely on families, car pools and shuttles because government employees are not permitted to drive non-employees. JFR crew members are able to be transported once they sign papers at training and start getting paid.

Arrangements must be made for crew members during the following occasions:

For more information, please contact program staff at:

  • Training drop off in Hinton, AB
  • All camps close on August long weekend. Camp locations vary from year to year but generally range from Peace River in the north to the Kananaskis in southern Alberta.
  • Program ends at the end of August near Edson

Thank you for your time and energy throughout the summer. We appreciate your patience and support.

For more information or to clarify this information, please contact program staff at:

Contact JFR Mailing address
p: 780-422-9276
f: 780-415-1509
9th floor, 9920-108 St.
Edmonton, AB
T5K 2M4
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Updated: Nov 25, 2016