In an effort to educate Albertans and support Forestry Division's goal of reducing the number of human-caused wildfires, Forestry Division has developed the Wildfire Compliance Program.

The program supports a number of educational initiatives consisting

  • Pamphlets
  • Posters
  • Print, radio and television messaging
  • Trade shows
  • Websites
  • Workshops

Forestry Division has also created toll-free telephone lines to provide Albertans with the opportunity to report wildfires and obtain wildfire information.

In partnership with Crime Stoppers and Global Television, the Wildfire Compliance Program develops public service announcements to provide Albertans with information related to wildfire prevention and provides an avenue for reporting arson activity in our forested areas. It also develops and maintains wildfire agreements and fire control plans with industry, other agencies and municipalities to reduce the risk and severity of wildfires and to ensure the goal of wildfire prevention is shared with all stakeholders.

The program is also responsible for fire bans and forest area closures. For more information, see:

As the wildfire hazard climbs in an area of the province, local Agriculture and Forestry staff, through the Provincial Forest Fire Centre Wildfire Prevention Section, recommend that the Minister initiate a Ministerial Order to implement a fire ban or forest area closure.

Implementing a fire ban is one tool to minimize the risk of accidental wildfires resulting from human activity. If the wildfire hazard becomes extreme, the Minister may order a forest area closure for the area affected.

Implementing a forest area closure not only minimizes the risk of human-caused wildfires in the area, but also manages the number of people in the area should a wildfire threaten the forest and create the need for an evacuation. The purpose of a forest area closure is to protect public safety.

A Ministerial Order is a temporary law. It remains in effect until it is revoked: typically when the wildfire hazard has sufficiently lessened.

Forestry Division incorporates community-based social marketing plans to help raise Albertans' awareness of wildfire prevention. As more people spend time in the forested landscape, the incidence of wildfires that threaten human lives and property have increased. This, in turn, reinforces the need for increased proactive wildfire prevention efforts. For more information, visit:

The use of social marketing as a way to promote these efforts will help Albertans to protect their communities from the threat of wildfire.

Updated: Dec 12, 2016